ALTANMYA was established in 2009 in the UK. It initially started off as a consulting company and through successful operations in the UK consulting field, we expanded our business to cover the Syrian market.

In the space of just a few years, our achievements in consulting have made us the region’s finance destination in education, development, consulting, and technology solutions.

Because of success, ALTANMYA took a strategic decision to become a group of three separate companies – ALTANMYA – Consulting & Auditing, ALTANMYA – Education & Development, and ALTANMYA – Technology Solutions - all operating under ALTANMYA Group.

In 2016, ALTANMYA Group acquired SBS, an established management training provider.

In less than 4 years we are proud to have achieved strong strategic relations that have allowed us to partner with several national and global institutions and companies.

Through hard work, dedication and commitment, we can help you achieve extraordinary levels of performance, because your success becomes our responsibility.



Basically, we derive our success from your company’s success.We have a responsibility to maintain a strong and healthy relationship between our company and yours. In order to do this, we employ industry-experienced individuals who have the highest academic certifications in their field. We also offer you a comfortable, relaxed and reassuring environment with the latest equipped rooms.

ALTANMYA provides delegates access to our management systems that contain a wealth of information to help you expand your knowledge in your chosen field. We have the ALTANMYA Learning Management System (ALMS), the ALTANMYA Alumni Forum (AAF), and the ALTANMYA Order Management System.

ALTANMYA University Management System:

ALTANMYA University Management System is used to assess factors in the education process to help you decide your best option to take. It is a multipurpose school management software system used to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the systems and processes related to running your institute efficiently.

ALTANMYA Learning Management System:

ALTANMYA Learning Management System is a software system used to manage and prompt learning. It is used to totally manage online courses or to augment or supplement face-to-face courses. The system contains many activity modules such which include forums, databases, workshops, assignments, and quizzes.

ALTANMYA Order Management System:

ALTANMYA Order Management System is a customer request management system that automatically calculates costs and prices according to customer input. The system works dynamically according to easily configured parameters that are tailored to each client’s requirements. The program is suited to many industries from aluminum and metal companies to kitchen industries.

Here at ALTANMYA, our business is ‘to enable others to perform better’. Our aim is to help individuals and companies make excellence a habit. We do this by adhering to the following standards;

  • International Business Ethics, which include;
    • Innovation
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
  • Experience, both national and international
  • Proficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Motivation
  • Stability

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